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Fantasy Congress

      Thanks to my meta-news site of choice, FARK, I've discovered yet another time-consuming web game that I thought some of you might enjoy.

      The game is Fantasy Congress. Players choose a series of 12 Representatives and 4 Senators to make up their "team" and then accrue points based on the real-life actions of the congressional members they've chosen. It's basically fantasy football for the politically-inclined.
      An interesting side-effect of playing this game thus far is that I have done a lot of research into the various congressmen in the way of discovering who I want on my "team"; for me, this project is less about putting together the most point-rich group than it is putting together a cohesive team of people who share my values and will enact policy I agree with. People I would vote for and support. To that end, it is doing a spectacular job of putting me in touch with the various members of Congress. Each entry even links back to the CM's personal page, which is very helpful in researching potential candidates.

      I've created my own League for the game, so as to isolate anybody I know who might be interested in playing the game. Already there has been some interest expressed, and the League will very likely be starting once I've reached six to eight players with filled rosters, after which I'll switch the fucker on and we'll see who floats. If you're interested in joining the League I've started and competing against me and my pals, the League name is Natural Selection, and the password to get in is darwin. Friends and friends-of-friends welcome; the threshold is 100 per League.
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