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Given Mich Du Recipezen!

      As none of you know, Yr. Stalwart Protagonist has been trying to eat healthier, of late. The problem is that I realized, somewhere along the way, that I was eating too much crap, and I've noticed my health suffering for it in small ways. Nothing dramatic, just a loss of energy and the like. I definitely put on my winter coat, and it's time to start shedding. Besides, no police force nor any branch of the service is going to take my buterball ass as is. And while I make the half-hearted attempt at getting in shape every now and again, I tend to peter off after a short while, basically because I hate pretending I care about vigorous exercise, which bores the shit out of me. But! I'm really going to start trying to be less of a slouch and start feeling better. Part of this, of course, is eating better, which is the kick I've been on for the last couple weeks, and the reason I'm composing this post.

      What I'm asking for from you, dear readers, are your recipes. If you have anything you think I might enjoy, I'd really like to hear about it. I'm not a picky eater and I'll try most anything I haven't before, so I'll be a pretty easy sell. Specifically, what I'm looking for are dishes that:
- can be prepared from cupboard to plate in <30 min.
- could in some broad sense be considered 'healthy' (i.e., no bacon-wrapped beef medallions in cheese sauce)
- preferably high in vitamins and use chiefly whole (or at least basic) ingredients
      I'm not a vegetarian, but I won't rule out vegetarian cooking. I like ethnic food, so hit me with whatever you think might be interesting. My one warning, before I hurt anybody's feelings, is that I don't do meat subbies. Sorry. If a dish calls for tofu, I will replace with chicken, fish, beef, lamb, pork, or whatever carcass I feel like consuming that evening.
      Also, hopefully, nothing too elaborate. My kitchen is a wasteland populated with tumbleweeds of only the most basic kitchen utensils. I've got one knife, one pan, one pot, and I'm pretty sure I've only got one fork. So if something requires a bamboo steamer or a cast-iron wok or a whisk made from the petrified hair of an extinct species of horse or something, I'm pretty much SOL. To give you an idea of the depth of desperation I'm talking about here, it occurred to me this morning that I did not have the proper dishes to prepare fuckin' falafel. What the hell am I going to eat with my hummus now?

      Anyway, thanks in advance, all. I'd post up my own recipes, but I doubt there's anything innovative in my supply. Whole wheat fettuccine + pesto + hot sausage + shiitake mushrooms = Shiitake and Sausage Pesto on Whole Wheat Pasta. Revelation!

      Oh, yeah. Still miss Cynthia. Life still void and without purpose. Still single. Still have no desire not to be. Kthxbye.
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